About Us

Pastoring where we do it best: in a parking lot! This is the set up for Shelter Church, which happens Sunday afternoons around a community meal.

Pastors Erica Koser and Collette Broady Grund serve Connections Shelter and Shelter Church in Mankato, Minnesota.

Our Mission

We pastor the folks who are most often found outside of church walls, extending Jesus’ radical hospitality, physical and spiritual shelter, and the dignity that every child of God deserves.

Our History

Pastors Collette and Erica became friends in 2016 as the idea that became Connections Shelter started blowing through the downtown churches of Mankato. They quickly realized they saw the world and ministry in the same way, and became not only ministry colleagues but close friends. This blog shares the stories they’ve been privileged to witness as they walk with those who experience homelessness, poverty and addiction, those who have been wounded by church, and those who the larger society has cast out. They believe that God does Their best work outside traditional church walls.

Contact Us

220 E Hickory Street
(inside First Presbyterian Church)
Mankato, MN 56001